13.09. – 11.10.2009
London Flavour Rose Metal
Hans Stofer, Simone ten Hompel, David Clarke
20 Jahre Galerie Rosemarie Jäger

Dear Rosi, 

Just to keep you in the picture; for “LONDON FLAVOUR | ROSE METAL” we will be bringing work that will put ‘metal’ at the centre of the debate. Our commitment and dedication to this debate is underpinned by our believe in the power of metal as an expressive and meaningful material. The body of work that we intend to show will represent three distinctively different, creative attitudes and philosophies, giving insight into our respective working methods at this stage of our creative journeys. 

As you know, Simone, David, and I have been friends and artistic ‘sparring partners’ for almost twenty years—almost the same time as you have had your gallery! We hope that “LONDON FLAVOUR | ROSE METAL” will
be a celebration of our artistic friendship but also be a tribute to you and your commitment and vision behind your gallery. 

Simone, David, and I love objects. We also passionately believe in the im- portance of ‘making’ as a way of ‘thinking’. For us ‘to make’ means putting ideas into actions. ‘To make’ also means to know that we are still alive. 

We are convinced that objects are an essential part of our existence and that they form an integral part of who we are and how we think. We are also convinced that in an increasingly digitised and detached world the notion of ‘making’ will be key in future to counterbalance the virtual reality and to create a physical link with the real world. 

If that world out there wants to know how to keep dreams real, then we suggest they step into the world of LONDON FLAVOUR | ROSE METAL! 

Salute my dear ! 

With lots of love
Hans, Simone, and David