11 06 – 25 06 2023
Was kommt noch?
Esther Brinkmann

Opening on Sunday 11th June 2023, 11 am

Speaker: Julie Metzdorf.
The artist is present.

Open Sat/Sun 12 – 4 pm
and by appointment

Esther Brinkmann’s favorite item of jewelry is unmistakably the ring. Her attention to the way her rings are “packaged” is second to none and she considers the appearance of this “container” just as important as its contents, ensuring that each item of packaging matches the relevant ring.
Brinkmann lived and worked in China and India for almost a decade. Her pieces are highly idiosyncratic and are characterized by a strongly emotional forcefulness. Time and time again, she comes up with new shapes and technical solutions that are not only aesthetically impressive but that also underscore the power and expressivity of jewelry at the conceptual level.
For many years now, Brinkmann has been passing on her knowledge of jewelry-making at countless workshops, in readings and master classes throughout the world. In 1987, she was one of the cofounders of the Department of Jewelry Design at HEAD, Geneva’s School of Art and Design and she was in charge of the latter until 2005.