26 11 – 27 11 2022

Nicole Beck  Melanie Isverding
Constanze Schreiber  Florian Weichsberger
> this time it’s different <

Open Sat/Sun 11 am – 5 pm

Eternal shine, it’s not a pony. 2010. Four jewelry artists at the start of their careers teamed up to organize their first independent exhibition during an international highlight, namely Munich Jewelry Week. Conical cubes with mirrored interiors in which jewelry items were placed drew viewers into the presentation by way of their own reflection. This allowed visitors to experience the works in a playful manner. The installation thus effectively united the various contexts of the jewelry designers and produced a participatory setting in which both the objects and viewers could be so placed as to make connec- tions and mark distinctions.
Under the title Eternal shine – ponies in transit, that same year the exhibition traveled to Hochheim at the invitation of Rosemarie Jäger.

2022. Twelve years later. The collective made up of Nicole Beck, Melanie Isverding, Constanze Schreiber and Florian Weichsberger gets together to once again demonstrate the diversity of their artistic practice and exchange ideas. Much has happened in the meantime – different places, different tasks, altered relationships. The four artists have delved more deeply into their oeuvres, reviewed them, consolidated them, in some instances begun again from scratch and advanced their interactions.

New works, new dialogs, new perspectives – this time it’s different!