26 09 – 16 10 2021
Rudolf Bott, Johannes Nagel

Opening on Sunday 26th September 2021, 11 am

Speaker: Dietmar Rübel.
The artists are present.

Open Sat/Sun 11 am – 4 pm and by appointment

Rudolf Bott and Johannes Nagel reflect on objects that have a long history of service and thus belong to the core of cultural history. They think about these objects as artists, and their expressions are like- wise objects. Tables about being tables, vases about being vases. What is a table about being a table where one can sit? What is a vase about being vase that holds water? Purposeless purposefulness? – Visual event and clever item, communicative object and a sculpture in every gesture.

A sculpture forms a thought in material. The sculpture holds the way that thoughts take through hand and action. With Rudolf Bott and Johannes Nagel, this path is sometimes gentle and sometimes rigo- rous, sometimes blurred and sometimes precise, sometimes organic and sometimes geometrical. The contact with the material is craftsmanship, on the one hand, and an inspiring resistance to thinking, on the other. Both artists operate in this terrain of stimuli and contradictions and attempt to add a thought to the history of the objects.