05 07 – 26 07 2015
Love and Technique
Lisa Walker, Karl Fritsch
Couples in Jewellery

„Love and Technique are One”, M. A. Numinnen sings in the song Tech-Perhaps. We like this song. Numinnen is a Finnish singer, componist, entertainer, writer and filmmaker. When we’re travelling and the two options for meals arrive on the plane, we never choose the same food. Our last exhibition together was in Tasmania. „In jewellery, the champions of sloppy are Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker.”, Bruce Metcalf wrote in his article Sloppy and Ugly for Metalsmith, No 3, 2013. Lisa painted a bread board with images from the Len Lye film Kaleidescope, it can be worn as a pendant. Karl carved the word Liebe (Love) in a ring, then set precious stones into each letter. M. A. Numinnen’s music shifts between tango, jazz, rock, abstract music, and folk music. At Rosi’s we’ll be showing rings, necklaces, earrings, vessels, bracelets and spoons. Sometimes they’ll be small and rough, or big and fine, some will be very colourful, others not at all. Karl has engraved text on to his newest rings, Lisa has painted Kowhaiwhai patterns (traditional red, white, and black Maori design) on to her most recent necklace. We’re still working on the pieces and embrace new ideas as they come.The exhibition will show what we’re currently working on. Jewellery is made from a wide spectrum of materials, and it’s meaning is complete once it is worn.
Lisa Walker and Karl Fritsch