19 11 – 10 12 2023
Ayaka Terajima  Takayoshi Terajima
Ceramics  Jewelry

Opening on Sunday 19th November 2023, 12 pm.

Speaker: Prof. Otto Künzli, Munich.

Ayaka Terajima and Takayoshi Terajima will be present.

Open Sat/ Sun 11 am  – 3 pm and by appointment.

Exhibition idea and concept Dr. Petra Hölscher, Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Munich.

The fact that the ceramics of Ayaka Terajima and the jewelry and metalworks of Takayoshi Terajima are featuring in a joint exhibition is in itself a premier. 
“My group of unglazed vessels that are simultaneously over-decorated is the result of a method of working I discovered several years ago and which is inspired by very richly-decorated ceramics from the Jōmon Period (14,000-1,000 BC.). The pieces from this period are considered to be the oldest surviving ceramics in Japan. They feature distinctive relief patterns reminiscent of strings, shells, and plants. The very frequently occurring ornaments resembling ropes and threads represent snakes, universal symbols of rebirth. Today, scientists assume that this pottery served to collect and store rainwater (moon water), which had a liturgical function at burials when prayers were said for the rebirth of the deceased.” (Ayaka Terajima)

“Japan has a tradition of craftsmanship that has passed down from generation to generation. […] We can truly preserve tradition through contemporary ideas and techniques, by looking at craftsmanship through a modern filter and carefully considering the spirit of the times. In this sense I see my work as reinterpreting traditional metalworking techniques.” (Takayoshi Terajima)